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The development direction of aluminum plating film and requirements

by:LINYANG     2020-03-03
Aluminum plating film is a kind of typical soft packing material, it goes with the general difference is that the use of special process on the plastic film surface plating a thin layer of metal aluminum. So the plastic film surface with metallic luster, but without losing the characteristics of the plastic protective film so loved by the packaging industry, especially some high-end products in order to improve product beautiful, uh, adopting this kind of packing material. Aluminum plating film base material purpose: with its low cost, the aluminium products with excellent shading sex, decorative, barrier property and other unique properties, and the processing after printing, composite, etc with good adaptability, can satisfy the heat resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to oxygen, high barrier, such as use requirement, widely used in food packaging and other decoration field. Aluminum plating film development direction in the future will be positive to the high performance, so to meet the requirements in developing: ( 1) To improve in order to improve the stiffness of the aluminum plating quality; ( 2) Plating aluminum layer adhesion after more than 2 n / 15 mm, meet the needs of the large packaging; ( 3) Improve after plating aluminum layer heat resistance performance, meet the needs of the 300 ℃ extrusion compound ( Currently only up to 240 ℃ or so) To improve peel strength more than 1 n / 15 mm; ( 4) Reduce the heat sealing temperature, under the condition of less than 110 ℃ heat sealing strength p 1 n / 15 mm, to adapt the demand of high speed automatic packaging; ( 5) 75; ( 6) How to keep the aluminum surface wetting tension over 6 months up to 38 dyne, to extend the shelf life of the product is a problem; ( 7) With large-scale aluminum plating machine, super long super wide aluminium substrate become the inevitable development direction, such as width of 2500 mm, 24000 mm long product part of the enterprise has the normalization of the production.
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