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The comparison of PET film PET film white and black

by:LINYANG     2020-03-08
In protective film industry, different colors of protective film or film sheet characteristic properties and the application field, there is a big difference with white PET and black PET insulation film insulating film to compare the objects, their use and performance to make a substantive comparison. PET is suitable for white and smooth and white shading sex demanding applications, in the pure white, colour and lustre is durable, good light resistance performance, the surface wetting tension, easy to machining, used in led, IC card, sign, printing and packaging, etc. Black PET insulation is dimethyl benzoic acid and ethanol under the relevant catalysts of auxiliary heating, through ester exchange and vacuum polycondensation, biaxial stretching into the film, the product inherited the original chemical physical properties of polyester film. Usually used for tape black slip of paper, the acoustic equipment and adhesive tape, etc. Black and white PET insulation piece USES different, is inseparable with the characteristics of their own: white PET insulation performance characteristics: white PET is made of special raw material and the special manufacture process, besides the ordinary chemical physical properties of polyester film is superior, mainly has the following characteristics: 1, low light transmittance; 2, good surface gloss, good reflective effect; 3, better performance of composite and printing. Black PET insulation performance: 1, the black cover degree good, uniform chromaticity, permanent, surface smooth; 2, has good mechanical properties and thermal stability. The application of PET film white than black PET film widely, customer needs analysis in recent period of time, fabrication, printing industry's customers on the white demand accounted for the largest percentage of PET film. Lam Yang technology co. , LTD. Welcome more new and old customers to come to consult and order.
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