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The commonly used plastic tangle film type

by:LINYANG     2020-03-15
Kink packaging in the candy, chocolate, preserved fruit, dried meat packaging has been occupies an important position. The earliest transparent cellophane ( 玻璃纸) Pt appears instead of the kink of paper packaging, then all kinds of plastic base material of tangle film have been developed, such as one-way tensile HDPE tangle film, PVC tangle film, K resin tangle film, kink rainbow film, CPP tangle film, etc. Cellophane of dispute the tear has been developed since the 1920 s, with its excellent kink resistance, excellent transparency, has long been widely used in packaging, but its poor well protected against dampness, flammable, glue method is used to manufacture, pollution is more serious, to the hard PVC tangle film appeared in the 1980 s after its application greatly affected, basic replaced by hard PVC tangle film. Produced by the method of uniaxial tensile HDPE tangle film has the very high intensity in the vertical, but at the same time in the transverse tear open extremely easily, only one-way kink, transparency is poor, so the kink of packing is not widely used. Blow molding production of K resin tangle film good transparency, generally, film brittle, has certain use in Europe, but basically no production and domestic use. Rigid PVC tangle film has excellent kink, transparency and moistureproof, and vertical and horizontal to balance performance and so on comprehensive performance, since the mid - 1980 - s since the successful development in home ( Also known as super cellophane) And is still used in domestic, once dominated in the kink packaging. In recent years, Europe and the United States through the improvements on raw materials formula, use LiuYanFa CPP tangle film production, film in the kink performance than hard PVC tangle film, transparency and rigid PVC tangle film close, but because of its clean, after burning can be used in the production of different functions of the film, such as heat sealing property, aluminum plating, etc, also gradually promoted in the market. PET as the main raw material through special multilayer extrusion mould made of rainbow film, kinky sex, but it's nakedness reveal the characteristics of different color in different light was does not have other film, although the price is higher, but still must be used in the kink packaging.
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