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The combination of water resistance and air permeability of tarpaulin manufacturers-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-25
The main function of tarpaulin is to waterproof, but to a certain extent, the goods also need fresh air environment for 'breathing ', this requires Linyi silk cloth factory to combine water resistance with air permeability. Theoretically speaking, waterproofing and ventilation are a pair of contradictions: a fabric has good waterproof performance, so its ventilation performance is poor; On the contrary, if a fabric has good air permeability, its waterproof performance will be poor. Solving this contradiction is the key to meeting customer requirements. Based on years of experience accumulation and research, Linyi silk cloth factory has summarized two methods: the waterproof layer of the fabric is made into a porous, the aperture size is less than 100 microns, and only the gas passes through the hole, and do not let the water pass through the hole, thus achieving the purpose of waterproof and breathable. Make the waterproof coating of the fabric into a perforated one with a hole diameter of 200- 500 microns, and implant a substance in the hole, the implant is waterproof (Rain) Absorb the expansion and block the hole to prevent water from passing through the hole without releasing water (Sunny day) When the water is lost, the open hole is contracted, and the gas passes through the hole, so that the knife is waterproof and breathable.
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