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The choice of our membrane electrostatic protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-12
Electrostatic membrane is a coating film, rely on the product itself electrostatic adsorption to stick the protective items, more commonly used in the adhesive or glue on the surface of the residual is more sensitive and more used in glass, lens, highlights the plastic surface, acrylic, etc. Very smooth surfaces. External feel electrostatic electrostatic membrane, is the mucous membrane, adhesion is low, in the highlight enough. Electrostatic membrane and heat-resistant 60 - imports 90 ℃, the average thickness of the transparent 2. 5 c、3 c、5 c 6 c, 7 c, 9 c, 12 c, 2。 5 c and 3 c is commonly used, high through the thickness of 5, 6, 7 c c c 1 domestic ordinary transparent electrostatic membrane thickness. 5 c, 3。 3 c, 4 c and 5 c, high thickness 6 c, domestic at 1. 5 c PVC electrostatic membrane, PE film is not high temperature resistant, PP, PPE electrostatic membrane, high temperature resistant PE + EVA + PET = electrostatic membrane -> + glass film
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