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The characteristics of the PS shrinkable film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-21
Two-way stretch polystyrene ( 博普爵士乐) Heat shrinkable film is a kind of widely used alternative to PVC film, its shrinkage performance is good, up to 78%, and conducive to environmental protection. Compared with the PVC shrink film, OPS shrinkable film good environmental performance; Than with PETG shrink film photograph, OPS shrinkable film with low price, more economical. PS shrinkable film (1) the characteristics of good transparency and gloss, can improve the effect of packaging products display, good feeling to consumers, to directly observe the appearance of the commodity details, so as to improve the grade of products sales. (2) has good resistance to water and electric properties, and its water absorption is 1/2 PVC film, PET film, and 1/5 of the surface will not form condensation water in high humidity. (3) tensile strength is higher than PVC, shrinkage and the shrinkage stress all have larger regulating range, suitable for all kinds of goods of heat shrinkable packaging requirements. (4) easy to printing, decoration, can use traditional offset printing, screen printing, Shanghai juji, composite processing technology after, vacuum deposition, etc. (5) the proportion of small, 1. About 5 g/cm3, PVC is 1. 37 g/cm3) And achieve the same strength of PVC wall thickness than can be reduced by 25%. 6. Good low temperature resistance, freezing performance.
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