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The characteristics of the PE electrostatic membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
Each company has its own features, Yang is a company specializing in the production of PE electrostatic membrane, electrostatic protective film company, is also a manufacturer, located in shenzhen, engaged in protective film industry has more than ten years, the products to all over the country, so our product: PE electrostatic membrane has the characteristics of what? Shenzhen lam jan 1, 100000 grade purification workshop production protective film co. , LTD. , a specialized production, for high production requirements, a level 100000 purification workshop, dust-free workshop, is our necessary basis for the electrostatic protective film production, and employees have to wear dusters etc. 2, PE electrostatic film appearance characteristics we lam Yang for electrostatic film appearance is also very seriously, because in our industry, the product is good, see how the surface, the appearance quality of electrostatic membrane clean, good transparency, and level off, without the phenomenon such as migration. 3, environmental protection lam jan electrostatic membrane is a low viscosity products, its biggest characteristic is environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, easy processing, etc. Above is lam jan the PE protective film company the characteristics of the electrostatic film, PE protective film, PE electrostatic membrane needs, please contact us.
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