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The characteristics of the electrostatic tint without glue

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
No glue static tint characteristics: 1, choose no gum, new electrostatic adsorption process. 2, security, environmental protection, product use high quality PVC material, use of preheating encounter cold shortening phenomenon will not occur. 3, no gum posted, repeatable, posted season according to the interior decoration style or free replacement sticker ( Stripped of sticker and apply before removing the transparent bottom film roll fold after properly kept, sustainable repeated use, using the shortcut, without other auxiliary material, can end post) 。 4, blocking ultraviolet, pervious to light is not transparent. 5, fashionable color printing, can cooperation with you more style of interior decoration, construction and colorful modern living space. 6, 3 d texture, due to the light and the different scenery, transform different dazzle colour effect. No glue static tint purpose: 1, energy conservation, environmental protection, reduce air conditioning, heat with high electricity bills. 2, maintaining privacy, let the living space to enjoy the quiet and comfortable. 3, shut uv invasion, maintain indoor items fade and aging. 4, improve architectural appearance and beautify the indoor living environment. 5, filter, light, reduce glare, maintain skin and eyesight. 6, drag stick, easy to clean, rubbing, without special maintenance. 7, add the glass strength, cut the personal injury and maintenance industry. 8, economical and practical, no fading, no blister, use a long time. 9, without glue static characteristic of tint is in order not to leave the glass glue, convenience, glass is clean, the disadvantage is that just a sticker look at good, after a period of time from place will become warped skin to imagine.
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