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The characteristics of pvc film are not worse

by:LINYANG     2020-06-11
PVC film is a relatively classic type since the development of PVC. This type of plastic film has better transparency. As a transparent film, it can form a distinctive plastic film because of its The main characteristic is that it has good transparency, which is much better than the transparency of ordinary polyethylene, and after forming a film, it has a certain viscosity and tension and good ductility. Plastic itself has a certain degree of corrosion resistance, and these corrosion resistance characteristics are also helpful for the form of the film, and the pvc film is also known for this. ????As a kind of plastic or polymer, in fact, we use more product materials in our lives, and the development of society at present is indeed inseparable from polymers. The development of polymers is very fast. Among them, pvc, pp, PE and other polymeric materials. For example, the plastic wrap commonly used in our lives is designed and manufactured based on pvc transparent film. It can be seen that pvc is also very suitable in life. Due to the increasing use of it, it has become the second largest plastic material in the world, no worse than polyethylene, and some aspects are more prominent.
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