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The cause of the protective film residue analysis

by:LINYANG     2020-03-18
1, peel strength change mechanism analysis, no matter how high gloss appearance objects look with many slim hole is difficult to see by the eye. Pressure sensitive adhesive by cross-linking, but still has surely deformation and liquidity, especially not for parts crosslinked polymer. With time extension of pressure sensitive adhesive gradually penetrate into the space, to form the 'anchor'. Other, attached with a maintenance PE film, although the pressure is bigger, but the touch of pressure sensitive adhesive and data appearance area is not large, with time extension of touch area increases gradually, PE film and maintenance is maintained between appearance forces also gradually progress. Two kinds of function can make peel strength with the extension of time. 2, aging mechanism analyzes the main chain of the acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive is full chain, general heat it is hard to make the main chain rupture, aging mechanism is first ultraviolet aging; Base material aging is primary ultraviolet aging. Champions league glory adhesive was tested PE film base material under the environment of 80 ℃ and 30 w ultraviolet aging of tensile strength after 1 week, the results showed that usually has a little influence on the use of the temperature on the aging function, and the influence of uv light is larger. But in two layer under the action of heat and uv light, have significant ageing effect. 3, and by maintaining appearance information compatible mechanism analysis acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive for larger data, simple and acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, polarity data such as compatibility, maintenance PE membrane formed hard jie in addition. Sometimes pressure sensitive adhesive does not attend crosslinking of small molecules to the enrichment of appearance, if be to maintain appearance and the forces between small molecule is bigger, will present small molecules move residue phenomenon. 4, the viscoelastic effect mechanism analysis of pressure sensitive adhesive to viscoelastic materials, elastic deformation and plastic deformation under the action of external force attack. As hard speed, elastic deformation of the primary role; As speed is slow, hard plastic deformation leading role. If quick jie in addition to the maintenance of membrane, pressure sensitive adhesive elastic deformation occurs, and the maintenance appearance doesn't touch the pressure sensitive adhesive from appearance and residue. According to equivalent principle of time temperature, jie in addition to the maintenance of membrane under low temperature and fast jie in addition to the maintenance of film works in a similar way
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