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The cause of the composite film transparency

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Affect the cause of the composite film transparency: low adhesive improper selection; ( 1) The adhesive itself color depth; ( 2) Poor adhesive illiquid, flattening and cannot fully spread out on the basal membrane. Generally speaking, the main agent of solid content is higher, the better the liquidity, to spread out in the film, so on the market at present 75% than 50% plastic transparent effect is good, is better than that of 50% to 40%, for the high demand for transparency of composite membrane, 50% and 40% rubber are hard to meet the requirements. The problem on the low technology ( 1) Bake, inlet temperature is too high or no temperature gradient, inlet temperature is too high, dry quickly, make the glue layer on the surface of the solvent evaporated quickly, surface crust, and then after the internal heat into the glue liquid layer, under the skin membrane solvent gasification, break through the film formation volcanic vents that ring, a circle a circle, also make the rubber is not transparent. ( 2) Compound rubber roller or scraper flawed, and can not point pressure, formation of gap, opaque. ( 3) Environment too much dust in the air, after the glue drying and hot air blowing entered in the dust. Glue on the rubber surface, composite sandwiched between two sheet base film, there are many small points, opaque, solution: high mesh filters are available to eliminate hot air inlets in the dust. ( 4) The gluing quantity is not enough, there is a blank space, with small air bubble, causing tinea or opaque, please check the amount of glue, so that it is enough and uniform. ( 5) No fair rubber roller or rubber roller is not clean. Low base material reasons: surface tension is not high adhesive solution for its invasive is not enough, cause uneven film after drying, bit by bit, commonly known as 'pockmarked face film.
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