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The British government clearly stated that it does not levy a plastic bag tax

by:LINYANG     2020-01-12

January 20

The British government has given a clear attitude and does not support the mandatory collection of plastic bag tax, at least at this stage. This decision will cheer the British plastics industry.

ministers have previously expressed interest in the relevant results of Wales and Ireland, where plastic bag consumption has decreased by more than 90% after the plastic bag tax was imposed.

However, although the Liberal Democrats support taxation, the plastic bag tax proposal has been put on hold by the British government. Richard Benyon, a conservative who is the Minister of the environment, said that considering the current pressure on the country's budget, taxation'Not the best choice'.

but the decision may also be temporary. ' At present, we are evaluating various measures that can help reduce the distribution of disposable plastic handbags. '

' These include monitoring the progress of various places, such as Wales's disposable plastic handbag charging plan, Northern Ireland's plan to start charging plastic bags from April 2013, and Scotland's negotiation results to charge plastic bags. '

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