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The basic performance of blown film technical requirements

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Basic properties of technical requirements 1. Look for polyethylene film plasticizing and no obvious & quot; Water lines & quot; And & quot; Cloud & quot; ; Membrane surface should be smooth, without buckling or only a small amount of pleats; There is no air bubble, perforation and fracture phenomenon; No obvious black dot, impurities, crystal point and rigid block; There is no serious hanging line and silking exist. 2. The size of the surface tension in order to make the printing ink and composite adhesive for in polyethylene film surface has good wettability and adhesion, request the surface tension of the polyethylene film should reach a certain standard, otherwise it will affect printing and complex production run smoothly. In general, the surface tension of the polyethylene film shall at least reach more than 38 dyne, reached more than 40 dyne is better. 3. After the physical and mechanical properties due to the blow molding of polyethylene film for printing or composite processing technology, subject to the effect of mechanical force, therefore, requires physical and mechanical properties of polyethylene film should be fine, including tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, etc. Several indicators should conform to the standard. 4. The width and thickness of the polyethylene film specifications and deviation shall conform to the requirements, thin film, bao hou uniform thickness of horizontal, vertical deviation is small, and deviation distribution more uniform.
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