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The availability of PVC particles is high, and

by:LINYANG     2020-06-23
If there is a film that can be used in various fields in the city, then this film is none other than PVC, which is a polymer material with a wide range of uses. As a transparent PVC film formed of polyvinyl chloride, it is of great value. At present, this type of film is used in many places, such as automotive films, cosmetics, light-proof molds, etc., and polyvinyl chloride is not only in the form of a film. There are also relatively hard, rigid pvc forms, which are currently being used in industrial engineering. There is a supply of engineering plastics that includes the supply of this material. No matter which one is, it shows the strength of this material. ????The continuous development of pvc films and hard pvc has huge market prospects, and the high availability of this kind of particles itself has caused many people to cut corners on pvc particles, which has greatly reduced the quality of such particles. This plays a retrogressive role in the development of plastics itself, and manufacturers and relevant monitoring departments need to prevent such things from happening. In fact, the quality of PVC can be improved in several ways. For example, the rpm of the pelletizer and the extruder should be coordinated during the production process to ensure that the size of the PVC rubber pellets is uniform, and the pellets should be checked before each start. Whether the knife is sharp, whether the fixation is good and the angle is inappropriate, to avoid poor cutting. When restarting after each shutdown, the PVC rubber pellets from the first five minutes should be reworked. The double-stage machine pays attention to take out the ungelatinized material at the twin screw discharge port. These are all ways to ensure the quality of this plastic material.
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