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The application of wrap film in industrial packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-03-07
There are many different kinds of industrial products in China, the production and export large, and wrap film, they are widely used in industry of current in the chemical industry, building materials, food, electronic appliances and other applications is more, using raw materials mainly for PE - LLD。 Rapid growth of foreign trade export led to the rapid development of packaging industry, especially on the assembly packaging, many enterprises use the wrap film packaging their products. According to the understanding of the enterprise, the set packing to the United States have all adopt the wrap film packaging, use the wrap film packaging is a big trend, heat shrinkable film market will gradually shrink. Before using the wrap film packaging enterprises mainly export-oriented enterprise -- — Foreign companies, joint ventures and large state-owned enterprises, such as dalian Canon office equipment co. , LTD. , dalian sanyo compressor co. , LTD. , GE, haier group to use a certain amount of stretch film, each enterprise in 20 - by the membrane 100 t, there are a large number of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises also use the wrap film packaging, every enterprise in 5 - by the membrane Between 10 t. Industrial packaging wrap film in 2004 amount to 64 kt, in 2010, has more than 150 kt. Now use is greatly increased, industrial use packaging film has been basically all use wrap film packaging. Generally each industrial enterprise using the wrap film annual consumption of the difference is very big, less a few tons, more than 100 t. Wrap film packaging in our country at the beginning of the development for more ports export packing of the goods, but because the charge is too high, the port using the wrap film packaging gradually shift to the factory, the product packaging in the factory and then shipped to the port for export. Big factory average usage winding packaging machine packaging, dosage of small generally adopt manual packing. After winding packaging machine in domestic in recent years, the cost is low, more make stretch wrap packaging fast transfer from port to factory. So now, the port has very few, by the membrane also makes users more of wrap film packaging, small and scattered dosage of each enterprise. Other areas such as grass winding preservation, household and supermarkets in film growth rate faster, especially in supermarket with membrane. At present, our country of the commodity economy loss caused due to improper packing and so on more than 14 billion yuan a year. Which is caused by improper transport packaging accounts for about 80% in the process of transportation damage. Transport goods loss in the process of the most common form for the goods damage, loss, deterioration, leakage pollution. With wrap film packaging can greatly reduce the occurrence of such losses. According to relevant data, in euramerican developed areas, the use of the stretch wrapping packaging film accounted for 67% of the market. Stretch packaging is the most main competitor shrink packaging film, shrink packaging film per year 2 2007 years ago. The rate of 3%, stretch wrap packaging shrink packaging market. The whole European market demand drawing winding packaging film for 1500 kt, the United States in 2000 has reached 1600 kt, winding packaging machine usage has reached more than 100000. Adopting winding packaging can effectively protect the goods goods, rainproof, waterproof, moistureproof, enhancing the added value of the goods, reduce more than 50% of the packaging cost. Compared with the developed countries, and a large gap between the variety and dosage of wrap film, although in the eastern coastal areas, the manufacturer has increased a lot, but with the increasing use of, is still in short supply.
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