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The application of 'under-film Smoke' to introduce white covering film will be more extensive

by:LINYANG     2020-02-10


The reporter saw in the flue-cured tobacco planting area of yideyi township, Yanshan County. Under the guidance of technicians, nearly 100 people from the cadres and workers of the various government stations in the township are busy with land preparation, management, pond, and cover the film. On 2013, the county launched the first'Smoke under the film' Planting technology, the application of white covering film will be more extensive.

This technology is compared with the conventional'Film Smoke' Compared with the technology, it has the characteristics of high survival rate, water saving, short seedling period, reduction of plant diseases and insect pests, reduction of seedling cost, early transplanting and early maturity. At present, this new technology has been gradually promoted in some townships and towns throughout the county.

'Smoke under the film' The application of white covering film will be more extensive

Up to now, flue-cured tobacco planting in Yanshan County has a total of 174400 mu of land preparation, 172283 mu of soil moisture management, 124409 mu of covering film and 88158 cubic meters of water supplement, it is expected to be transplanted in early May.

It is reported that in the drought-resistant transplanting of flue-cured tobacco in 2013, the county implemented the government's free film, professional water delivery team to help, and the tobacco station technicians carefully guided the drought-resistant transplanting of flue-cured tobacco. Three punches together'The policy has doubled the confidence of tobacco farmers. Li Xuancai, a villager in the village of Deyi, who has been planting flue-cured tobacco for many years, learned that the average price of flue-cured tobacco will be increased this year, the government will pay for the film, and the water for transplanting flue-cured tobacco will be transported by the government, decisively dispelled the idea of going out to work, and hoped that planting flue-cured tobacco would achieve more income.

for improve flue-cured tobacco drought resistance ability Yanshan County since late March 2013 into flue-cured tobacco field transplanting since it tightly around to create' Yunnan golden corridor Wenshan ecological characteristic tobacco leaf brand' Strategy, vigorously promote the film-covered planting technology of flue-cured tobacco, the county has set off a film-covered transplantingWhite Revolution'Boom.

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