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The application of antistatic protective film on the screen protection

by:LINYANG     2020-03-03
LCD screen protective film, points out post, bright and light post 5 classes, dazzle light stick, mirror, 3 layer super scratch-resistant mirror effect, and text is clear clear beautiful colour, 4 h hardness and light transmittance over 95%. Antistatic coating material in can also be used to screen saver, has a certain practicality. Anti-static protective film used for screen protection have what advantage? 1, improve the color of laptop LCD surface, make have high-grade bright mirror screen effect, light stick suppression can eliminate reflected light stimulation, make existing mirror screen more downy. 2, and the general protective film, anti-static protective film also has basic protection performance, enhance the scratch resistance of the laptop LCD, avoid hard objects such as nails, such as accidental scratches on the screen. 3, to reduce the ultraviolet light, radiation protection, is good for your health. 4, reduce the reflected light and glare screen, protect eyesight. 5, electrostatic adsorption, can prevent the bubble formation. 6, touch screen, prevent electrostatic damage to human body, especially families with children, antistatic protective film is necessary. 7, not for long time, high and low temperature resistance is superior. 8, without glue, safe and reliable, reusable, without leaving any traces. 9, is advantageous for the notebook shell cleaning, can be carried out on ordinary wiping cloth to wipe clean including dust, grease, etc.
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