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The application of antibacterial material in the packaging

by:LINYANG     2020-03-13
Packaging material is often used to direct contact with packaging, when the rich nutrition of items such as packaging cooked food, candy, easy to cause packaging materials on the growth of microorganisms. In addition, because in the process of commodity warehousing is generally focus stacking, liquidity is poor, air environment humidity is big, also easy to cause the packing materials for microbial infection. Therefore, antimicrobial packaging materials in the deli, fresh food, candy, vegetables and other nutritious items is very suitable for packaging applications. 1) application of antibacterial plastics in packaging. Antibacterial plastics are widely used in packaging, antibacterial packaging film is one of the important applications of antibacterial plastics. In our country, the antibacterial film bag, antibacterial food cling film, especially used for fresh vegetables of antimicrobial preservative film packaging material has been in the market. Used in meat products of antimicrobial packaging film is natural or synthetic antimicrobial composition in packaging film surface or on packaging film, these ingredients including enzyme, organic acid, EDTA and other metal chelating agent, lauric acid and other short chain fatty acid, ethanol and zeolite compound ingredients such as silver and zinc. Packing different kinds of meat, add different inhibitors should be adopted. Because of the bacteriostatic composition concentration is low, so will not affect human health. Hollow container is also an important part of the plastic packaging materials, the hollow container is mainly used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging. Container surface rich nutrition, suitable for microbial growth, reproduction and people or after antibacterial masterbatch preparation of antibacterial container can effectively restrain the breeding of microorganism, prompting hollow container to a healthier, hygienization further development. (2) the application of antibacterial glass containers in the packaging. Packaging container is a new type of antibacterial glass itself has antibacterial effect of glass containers, it is to keep the advantages of glass packaging container, clean sanitation, but also has a stable, durable antibacterial, bacteriostasis, is an upgraded version of a glass container. Special antibacterial glass containing different additives in water, acid, salt, under the comprehensive function such as light, moderate release antimicrobial effect of atoms and ions, in order to achieve disinfection sterilization effect. Then in this glass to antibacterial agent of the carrier, which was attached evenly in the forming of all kinds of the inner surface of the glass container, in use process carrier right amount, evenly release some antibacterial metal ions, using its oxidizing hinder the metabolism of bacteria, attract negative ions of bacterial cells, to achieve the purpose of sterilization antisepsis. (3) antibacterial paper or carton board in the application of the packing. Has antibacterial mouldproof function of paper called antibacterial paper, it is a comprehensive concept, is refers to the various can inhibit bacteria, mold and paper moth ability of functional paper. Butter, cheese, meat, fish, and other baked goods long-term storage of food packaging use antibacterial more wrapping paper. Used for packaging and long-term storage of fruits, vegetables, eggs and other food wrapping paper or cardboard, is also need to have antibacterial mouldproof function. Holding paper packaging containers of milk antibacterial mouldproof performance also have clear requirements. Manufacturing has antibacterial mouldproof performance of packaging paper bags also has the vital significance. Antibacterial mouldproof paper bags can be used to save the goods such as flour, rice, sugar, wet strength and at the same time fight the bacterium mouldproof function is paper bag packaging moisture items and mould ideal packaging materials, can be used for packaging of soap, washing powder and other deposit in damp places easy absorption of moisture musty items.
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