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The advantages of electrostatic protective film with PE

by:LINYANG     2020-03-19
Static PE protective film is through a variety of equipment to a variety of composite materials synchronization co-extrusion flow surface protective film in the smoke. This method of smoke membrane also known as the mucosa. This protective film, do not contain any adhesives with environmental protection, good adaptability, high product quality, so it's highly attention, users is considered to be the direction of technology development of surface protective film in the future. PE protective film applications: used to clean room use, widely used in industrial field, to protect the surface of the product, production process and product delivery and use of protection, effectively reduce the bad product production, improve product value. Transparent electrostatic membrane using its electrostatic plastic film on the glass or other items to protect, such as mobile phone, computer, PDA, etc to glue not require high protection. Raw material is how to influence the transparency of PET protective film of the transparency of PET protective film is one of the important factors, many customers choose and consider especially used as a screen film manufacturers, the PET protective film in the transparency value especially, typically require must be high transparent PET protective film, so as not to affect the clarity of the screen. There are two factors that affect the transparent PET protective film are mainly: the influence of raw materials, production process conditions, the influence of the following we mainly from the influence of raw materials to talk about the transparency of PET protective film. 1, the influence of PET resin, PET is a linear macromolecule with symmetry aromatic ring structure, and has a high degree of regularity of the stereo, all of the aromatic ring almost in the same plane; Concave and convex part of the adjacent macromolecular facilitate each other Mosaic, thus has close packing ability and crystallization tendency; Therefore, PET has a strong crystalline; The biggest effect on transparency crystalline. By the polycondensation reaction of PET resin from low molecular weight to the molecular aggregation of high molecular weight, as a result, problems of molecular weight distribution, and molecular weight distribution on transparency has a certain influence. PET molecular chain link is through the ester base connected, so many of its important properties are associated with the existence of ester bond. Such as ester bond in the presence of high temperature and water or ethylene glycol, etc, can produce degradation, and degradation of low molecular material of transparency has different degrees of influence. 2, the influence of the additives in the production of PET protective film, in order to adjust the structure of the surface of the film, to improve the film some physical properties ( Such as surface electrostatic, surface friction coefficient) And is advantageous to the film after processing, often need to add a certain amount of additives. Assistant is one of the factors that affect film transparency, assistant improper selection and adding amount overshoot the serious influence the transparency of PET protective film. 3, the influence of the coating glue adhesive PET protective film, transparency will be affected by the glue. Such as Japan's big protective film manufacturers in order to distinguish between the brand and the origin of a product, can add some additives on the glue, make the protective film change the appearance of the color, but does not affect its performance, so avoid generic other makers.
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