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Thailand's plastic bag exports are expected to profit from the United States

by:LINYANG     2020-01-21

surashi, deputy director of the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, revealed that anti-dumping against the United States (AD) The sunset review of the measures, the review of new exporters, and the annual review of AD tariffs, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice to cancel the use of the Zero rule ( Zeroing Methodology) The calculation of the weighted average dumping spread will take effect on April 16, 2012. Thailand's various export commodities are expected to benefit from it, such as portable plastic bags and frozen shrimps.

surashi said that the US Department of Commerce would change the calculation method of the dumping difference, which would be beneficial to a variety of Thai goods exported to the United States, for example, portable plastic bags, frozen shrimps, and steel products. These commodities are waiting for the US to review the AD tariff quota. It is expected that the US will cancel the use of the zero-to-zero rule to calculate the dumping difference, which will reduce the dumping difference of the above-mentioned commodities, thus reducing the AD tariff quota.

although the United States cancels the use of the Zero rule to calculate the dumping difference, the United States can still calculate the dumping difference through other channels, such as targeted dumping ( Targeted Dumping)Calculation method and weighted average normal price ( Weighted Averageto Transaction)Calculation method, etc. To this end, Thai exporters still need to carefully manage the quantity and value of exports to avoid being listed as anti-dumping targets by the other party.

The United States canceled the use of the Zero rule to calculate the dumping difference because the World Trade Organization (WTO) In addition to the anti-dumping regulations and norms that were ruled to be violated, and many anti-dumping-related cases were lost, on the other hand, they were also suppressed by many countries.

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