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Test of tensile strength of tarpaulin manufacturer-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-10-25
The tensile strength test of the tarpaulin manufacturer, in the use of tarpaulin, it is inevitable that it is stretched to varying degrees. If the performance in this respect is not superior enough, it is likely that the tarpaulin will be easily damaged when used. Linyi dishcloth factory grasps the quality of the product by testing the tensile strength of dishcloth and takes reasonable measures to improve it. Preparation before the test: the measured items must be at room temperature 23 °c ± 2 °c, humidity (50 ± 5) Place it in % environment for 4 hours and then carry out corresponding tests. Test Method: tensile strength and elongation at break shall be determined according to HG/T2580 standard. The sample width shall be 350, the length shall be 200, and the fixture spacing shall be 1mm, the stretching rate is 100 mm/min 10 mm/min. The calculation results show that the tensile strength is accurate to 1N, and the elongation at break remains an integer. Tensile strength index is warp strength ≥2100n/5cm weft strength ≥1600n/5 cm. The determination of tear resistance shall be carried out according to HG/T2581 standard by double tongue single tear method. The size of the sample is 225 long and 75 0 wide. 5mm. Testing eligibility criteria: if one of the three volumes of products extracted is unqualified, six volumes should be re-extracted from the original batch and re-tested. If more than three volumes are unqualified, then Linyi cloth factory assessed this batch of products as unqualified.
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