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Tent use should pay attention to the small details of _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-04-03
Analysis is often used in our daily life, very convenient cover items, but when use some often ignore the small details, tips to note that this will not only improve the use effect of tarpaulins, will also extend the service life of tarpaulins, reduce the aging rate, give full play to the role of the tent. The following tarpaulin factory to introduce for everybody. First we know about the types and characteristics of tarpaulins, easy to understand. According to the material points, analysis can be divided into: PE tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin, pp tarpaulins, organic silicon tarpaulins, canvas tent, Oxford cloth, etc. According to the feature points, analysis can be divided into: three tarpaulins, five tarpaulins, flame retardant tarpaulins, tarp tarpaulin, waterproof tarpaulins, flame retardant tarpaulins, South Korea tarpaulin etc. Second, tarpaulins generally has moisture-proof, waterproof, mouldproof, 3) Effect, in addition to prevent bask in, anti-aging, mouldproof, antistatic etc. 1, tent during storage should pay attention to moistureproof, mouldproof and prevent the bite, such as insects, mice and drying on a regular basis according to climate condition, it can prolong the service life of tarpaulins, slow down aging. 2, use the tent to clean in time, we will find that after a lot of people are using the tarpaulins were put on the spot a, when to use again, will think of it, often above the dirty, and have peculiar smell, is used. For this, the residual dirt to clean, and dry storage, this tent won't produce peculiar smell, ensure the use effect of the next tent. 3, tarpaulins in the process of receiving, handling should pay attention to forcibly even as far as possible, we often use the rope when stored in curl, avoid too tight force, it would be bad tarpaulin. 4, tarpaulins generally don't have flammability, fire prevention function and have therefore during storage and use, pay attention to the principle of fire and heat source. 5, in the use of tarpaulins, it is best to estimate for the covered surfaces, and best to check the cover, avoid sharp objects scratch tarpaulin. 6, using tarpaulin structures covered place, want to pay attention to the weather forecast, for the wind, attention should be paid to tighten tarpaulins. Above is linyi liqun tarpaulin factory summary about tarpaulins some matters needing attention when using and use the tips, more about tarpaulin | | tarpaulin factory details of tarpaulin can focus on our website: http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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