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by:LINYANG     2020-03-24
Linyi tarpaulin factory is located in logistics, processing and sales, and can be customized various specifications, various color rain wear, canvas tarpaulin, three new fabric, car tarpaulin and polyethylene, polypropylene, blue, silver, blue white cloth cloth, four color cloth, double white cloth, color cloth, three cloth, canvas and so on a series of finished fabric, etc. The USES of the product range, is widely used in vehicles, ships, factories and mines enterprises cover, outdoor travel goods and other purposes, with sun resistance, frost resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, lightweight, easy to fold, durable and so on. X3m material: polypropylene or polyethylene specifications: 2, 3 x4m, 3 x5m, 4 x5m and 4 x6m, 5 x8m x8m 6, 6 x10m, 2. 5 x3。 6米,3。 6 x5。 4 m, 5。 4 x7。 2米,7。 2x9m,10x50m。 According to customer requirements. 。 。 。 , density: 9 x9 to 14 x14 width: 1. 65 m to 12 m weight: 60 to 360 GSM color: double white and blue, white, grey, blue, silver, LanJie silver, silver, blue, green, blue, green, black and silver, and so on can be in accordance with the requirements of the guests length: according to the guest order double waterproof, four corners single ruffled heat sealing; Ropes along the edge of the fixed role for recreational vehicles, trucks, ships, construction site, wood, including truck, trailer, equipment, ground, emergency rescue, paintings, etc. Product is suitable for storage, construction, all kinds of tents, given up, factories and enterprises, harbor wharf, a variety of greenhouse canopy, transport vehicles, ships, aircraft and other transportation and outdoor goods linyi tarpaulin factory http://www a cover protection purposes. linyangpvc。 Com/tarpaulin, tarpaulin factory phone: /
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