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Tent Maintenance and Inflatable Tent Repair

by:LINYANG     2023-03-29
A tent is a temporary shelter made of tarpaulin. Now the common tents mainly include disaster relief tents, camping tents, construction tents, tourist tents and so on. Different uses require different materials. Tourist tents are generally small, most of which are designed to accommodate two people or one person, and the colors are very bright. The corresponding construction tent is the construction tent. Since the construction tent needs to accommodate a lot of people, the workmanship and size are relatively wild. The skeleton is made of metal skeleton. When building, the appropriate ground nails will be selected according to the situation to strengthen the stability. Tips for tent maintenance: 1. For newly purchased tents, add an extra layer of waterproof suture glue to the tent. 2. It is very important to keep the tent dry, especially after returning from the outdoors, it is said that the tent should be air-dried and put away. If it is dirty, wash it with water and air-dry it. 3. Do not let mildew spots appear on the tent. If it appears, you can use a sponge to dip it in cleaning solution and brush it lightly. 4. After selecting the camping site for field camping, try to pick out the protrusions to prevent the tent from being damaged. 5. It is better to put the tent in the shelter, because the ultraviolet rays of the sun will affect the fabric of the tent and reduce the service life. Tent classification: 1. Disaster relief tents. Disaster relief tents are used for emergency rescue and disaster relief and resettlement of victims, so disaster relief tents should be simple and durable. Can be used in a variety of complex situations. Practicality is where disaster relief tents focus. 2. Construction tents. Such tents are used in places with complex terrain conditions, so the applicability is the biggest feature of construction tents. 3. Tourist tents. This type of tent is used as a tool for leisure and entertainment. Aesthetics is the most important feature. The colors of these tents are usually brighter, and there are many sizes, including single and double. Fourth, sunshade tents, these tents consider the function of releasing ultraviolet rays. If you usually travel with a group, do you like to carry and use a single tent alone, or do you like to share the fun of camping with friends? In practice, most outdoorsmen tend to enjoy sharing the same tent with friends. In this way (taking two people as an example), one person is responsible for carrying the main structure of the tent, and the other person is responsible for carrying the rainfly, which greatly reduces the weight of the luggage carried by each person. Relatively speaking, single tents can provide more privacy and personal space, but you have to carry much heavier luggage for this. In addition, from the inherent cooperative spirit of outdoor sports, we recommend that you: in a way, sharing the tent with your friends is also a process of sharing happiness with your friends. In addition, for a frequent outdoor enthusiast, it is normal to have more than one tent, so that you can get a wider choice of space. For example, if you are only going on a short trip alone, you only need to choose a single tent. But when you're shopping for a tent for the first time, you'd better choose according to the way you often travel. The characteristics of inflatable tents, the general requirements of inflatable tents are light weight, simple assembly, fast prop up speed, rigidity and stability for a long time, good waterproofness, comfortable use, convenient maintenance, long service life, and good adaptability to special environments. Its products generally use the principle of structural mechanics to design the frame, use the gas pressure characteristics to expand the airbag to form a rigid cylinder, and support the skeleton of the inflatable tent through organic combination. With the strength of the skeleton material used, the bearing capacity of the tent can be set; the performance of the polymer coating used determines the service life of the frame and the maintenance of the rigidity of the frame; and the rationality of the air chamber setting determines the Hold up the entire frame. Various valves (inflatable valve, exhaust valve, high and low pressure valve, method, etc.) determine the overall performance of the inflatable tent, such as: the speed of inflation, the speed of exhaust, the constraints of inflation, the pros and cons of air tightness , adaptability of valves in special environments……And so on, and the material selection of various valves, the design of the form and structure, also led to the development of the charging and exhausting device. In addition, the choice of tarpaulin and the choice of awning accessories also determine the practicability, applicability, and use value of the inflatable tent in special environments. Of course, the aesthetics and humanization of its products will also affect the popularization and application fields of its products.
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