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Tent is a kind of to timely maintenance products

by:LINYANG     2020-03-26
Tarpaulin factory here clearly tell everybody, tarpaulins to regular maintenance, this not only strengthen its use effect, also can effectively prolong the service life. Tarpaulin factory know any durable goods has its use fixed number of year, tarpaulins is not exceptional also, people need a good maintenance. Tarpaulin factory how to maintenance products, there are some Suggestions. Bought a new tent to tent waterproof stitches stitches glue, glue place on another layer because the tent from completed to send to the store, to the customer's hand, tarpaulin factory is don't know how much time passed between, although may feel after a detailed check tarpaulins in the shop without faults, but in order to have a good feeling more comfortable, to do a complete waterproof measures is very important. Tarpaulin USES to keep dry, in the end after the film covering the goods, the tarpaulins hung to dry, if the tent is dirty, gently scrub with cold water to clean, do not use chemical detergent or scrub, this will destroy the tarpaulin fabric surface waterproof membrane, reduce the effective waterproof tarpaulins effect. Tarpaulin mildew damage analysis of waterproof property, one thousand mould happens, sponge dust cleaner gently brush away the mould. People in the use of tarpaulins, don't wear shoes feet directly above the tent, avoid destroying tarpaulin fabric actual strength, set up tent to tent camp with nails best fixed on the ground, but the power of nature is not limited, don't think someone inside the tent or brick and will definitely be okay, according to the tarpaulin factory http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/many years of experience, when nature show strength, tarpaulins, together with the goods inside will be blown run, determine their tent ventilation compared with rain sex is good to use at ease.
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