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Tent in our life's purpose?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-27
Tarpaulin plays a big role in our life, can say is closely related to our life, it in our each person's life plays a role? 1, outdoor activities, picnics, and outdoor activities. Outdoor activities against the sun and wind and rain, forming the ideal shelter. 2, covering: used to cover the building with equipment; Used to cover on the storage of goods, truck/car/ship, machinery covers, tents, picnic mat, covered with swimming pool and garden furniture. 3, storage: resistance to ultraviolet ray, can protect the valuable goods, make the grain, cotton, fertilizer, chemicals from the hot and humid, fully protect the goods. 4, shipping: to ensure the goods by road, rail or avoid suffering from wind and rain in the process of delivery of the ship. To ensure the goods safety and integrity. 5. Living: sometimes tent up into a small tent, and can be used as our simple house. Like a perfct harbor.
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