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Tempered glass explosion-proof preferred--Add transparent safety explosion-proof film

by:LINYANG     2020-01-10


recently, Ms. Chen, a citizen, told reporters:' The glass of my dining table suddenly exploded like a huge gunshot. The neighbors thought there was a gas explosion in our house and the glass was scattered all over the floor. . . . . . If we were sitting at the table, the consequences would be unimaginable. ' In this regard, experts said that adding a transparent safety explosion-proof membrane can reduce the harm caused by glass explosion.

The Glass of the dining table burst out suddenly

there is a lingering fear away from the living room

at 11 o'clock on the evening of the 21st, ms. Chen, who was watching TV in the living room, was startled by the sudden explosion. She looked intently and found that the explosion came from the dining table in the dining room beside her. The toughened glass of the dining table had exploded and the broken glass was scattered all over the floor, originally 1. There is only one steel frame left on the 3-meter-long table. ' Like a huge gunshot, the neighbors thought that there was a gas explosion in our house! 'Ms. Chen said,' Glass fragments scraped wood floors and walls, and some fragments hit my feet. I stood up and stepped on foreign objects before I found them. If we were sitting at the table, the consequences would be unimaginable. '

after the explosion, two large pieces of glass were left on the steel frame and continued to break. ''The sound lasted for 20 minutes. The tempered glass is less than 2 cm thick, and the glass fragments are not complete. It has the size of A4 paper and the size of the nail shell. The farthest shot of the glass is three or four meters away.

Ms. Chen told reporters that at the time of the incident, there were cups, paper towels and other items on the table, which were not touched by anyone, and there was no sudden change in cold and heat. ' There is nothing too hot or too cold, and it is rare to cook for 10 days at home. In the absence of any warning and external force, the glass actually exploded itself'.

Why did you suddenly explode when you bought and used the dining table for less than one year? What worries her more is that the tea table, TV cabinet and dining table at home are the same set of furniture of the same brand, all of which use tempered glass, she was afraid that the other two pieces of furniture also had the danger of a sudden explosion, and even did not dare to approach the living room.

The explosion probability of tempered glass is low

The manufacturer said that the warranty cannot be free

The explosion occurred'Ou X' The brand table was purchased on last August and delivered to your door in early last October. The actual use time was less than one year. Ms. Chen purchased it at the hongshuwan home Expo Center in Panyu district, at the same time, I also bought 6 pieces of furniture such as tea table, TV cabinet, sofa and shoe cabinet of the same brand, of which the toughened glass used in tea table and TV cabinet is the same as that used in dining table.

with the merchandise sales list, Ms. Chen came to the hongshuwan home furnishing expo center with the reporter yesterday. Ou X'Brand store. Salesman Miss Zhang heard about the glass explosion I have sold furniture in the store for 5 years and have never heard of it'. After communicating with the supplier, she said that the glass is fragile and is not included in the free warranty. She denied that the glass that exploded had quality problems and believed that it was related to improper use by consumers at home.

' The factory staff also told me that there was only one case of glass explosion after working for many years. It can be seen that the probability of explosion of tempered glass is very low ,'Miss Zhang explained,' The explosion of tempered glass is as rare as a peanut falling from the upstairs to kill a passerby! You can buy lottery tickets now. '

Finally, Ms. Chen failed to return the furniture with tempered glass in her home, the merchant agreed to provide her with a new tempered glass of the same brand and specifications for free and delivered to the door for free.

'What if the glass explodes again? Who is responsible for the injury? There are three in the family'Time Bomb'? 'Ms. Chen has now'Talking about glass color change'I dare not approach the glass products at home. Sales staff bluntly Glass is fragile, manufacturers can not guarantee not to break' She suggested that Ms. Chen put a plastic pad on the surface of the tempered glass to alleviate her inner worries about the glass explosion.

expert advice

stick a layer of transparent safety explosion-proof film before use, which is toughened glass explosion-proof'Preferred' It is best to have a frame around the partition or connect it to the wall to reduce collision.

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