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Tempered glass explosion-proof film can effectively prevent glass from self-explosion

by:LINYANG     2020-01-10


recently, some citizens have reported that their tempered glass in the bathroom has exploded. In this regard, the reporter consulted a number of industry insiders with questions. Industry insiders said that the tempered glass explosion-proof film can effectively prevent the harm caused by the self-explosion of tempered glass.

Mr. Wang, a citizen, showed several photos to the reporter. The reporter saw many cracks in the glass of the photo, but the whole glass did not fall off due to breakage. Mr. Wang told reporters that last night, with a loud noise, the tempered glass of the bathroom was broken. This glass was only bought for more than a year. It has been useless since I bought it, it was only installed this summer. He believes that there is a safety hazard in the self-explosion of tempered glass.

Why does tempered glass explode without external force? Mr. Guo, who has been in the glass business for many years, told reporters that tempered glass is a special glass made of ordinary glass through various processes and needs to be customized. It is difficult to damage without external force. However, when subjected to external temperature changes, tempered glass is prone to physical expansion and contraction, resulting in self-explosion.

Ms. Li, who specializes in making tempered glass, told reporters:' In the process of Glass Tempering, some manufacturers' technology and equipment are not so exquisite and perfect, which makes the tempered glass produced have potential safety hazards and prone to self-explosion. '

industry insiders remind the public that when using tempered glass, an explosion-proof film can be attached to prevent the potential safety hazard caused by the self-explosion of tempered glass.

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