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Tell you what is a good mobile phone protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-06
Lam Yang technology co. , LTD. As a professional production, processing and sales company, our products is given priority to with protective film coil, many suppliers, processors to young take goods, processed into markets need protective film products, such as mobile phone protective film. Recently a professional mobile phone protective film processors customers to tender young staff to teach a set of science and technology, market, good and evil people mixed up mobile phone protective film, protective film of various quality good and bad are intermingled, so what is a good mobile phone protective film? 1, scraping resistance degree; Good product, whether you use 2 b pencil works fine fingernails, scraping back and forth on the protective film anyway, will not have scratch marks. That bad product is certainly not so scraping resistance! 2, material hardness, thickness; Good material to get the hand, feel is hale and hearty, has rich elasticity, whereas poor film is soft, not the characteristics. The thickness of the thickness, good product using layer containing adhesive thickness will be more than 0. 125, poor material will slants thin! 3, rainbow lines; Good materials, both outdoors and under the strong light of energy-saving lamps, almost can't see any rainbow lines, whereas poor film just below the strong energy-saving lamps, can see very clearly, like soap bubbles. 4, offset printing; Good product, you use a key or fingernails, tried scraping back and forth on the protective film, in your line 2 head will have a small offset printing, but after a few minutes automatically repair level off, if you want to quickly repair, you take the rag wipe back and forth a few times offset printing will soon disappear without trace. So bad film, although not flower, but leaves deeply offset printing lines, very ugly! 5, joint degrees ( Commonly known as exhaust) ; Good products, as long as you tear the protective layer on the surface of the 1, 2, gently put onto the phone, can quickly automatic adsorption, middle leaves no bubbles, stick after use clean cloth to wipe gently, very beautiful! If it is a bad film adsorption is very poor, even rapid adsorption center still will leave a lot of bubbles, the subsequent will also send a lot of time to catch bubbles, even heavy stick to scrap! 6, transparency; Actually now protective film raw materials are from the several big MAC chemical plant, so no matter good or bad material transparency actually about the same, at around 97%. To sum up: has above the protective film on the material is what is qualified, high-quality protective film products.
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