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Tell me about _ industry dynamic liqun tent materals for cleaning method

by:LINYANG     2020-03-23
In linyi a lot of friend that you buy tarpaulins first use awning room ( Tent) Are in high spirits: white tent, clean tents stent, looking at the in the mind is beautiful. But once used for a year or several years later, found that bought awning room ( Tent) Not so beautiful, installation out effect is totally embarassed, especially some professional make food festival's boss, tarpaulins and stent oil gunk, installation, dismantling oil, their looking at are disturbing, not to mention the other people see. Actually awning room ( Tent) Use fixed number of year and the cleanliness and maintenance at ordinary times you have a lot to do: you want a car driving often outdoors, a week if not clean, also can not find the feeling of high-grade and high-grade car. Awning room also is same, it needs us to clean after each use and transport, the use of convenient next time, this virtuous cycle, one can prolong the service life of it, the second can improve the using effect of tarpaulins, bring you more - the use of frequency - - - - - - Is the opportunity to make money. Some bosses said home is a small company, there is no advanced equipment, the cleaning to do? Actually tarpaulins clean there are a lot of ways: tent rental for method 1, if your company is a huge number of inventory is the proposal to buy professional cleaning equipment, one can improve the work efficiency, two can accelerate the use frequency of tarpaulin. Otherwise someone else will be a day to do cleaning job, and a half months, you need to do the day lily are cool! Method 2, washing machine, is the shopping mall or hospital cleaners using large sites do sweep the floor machine that can rotate, it with professional cleaner can help you to remove stubborn stains on tarpaulins clean. Method 3, tarpaulins, small number, the condition is limited friend, you can find a mop and a bucket, put some detergent can clean it! Method (4), if the tarpaulin paste the double-sided adhesive or easy shredding, can use the tar removal agent to remove! With heavy dirt with the clean and bright key cleaning detergent. Special remind: tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/under tarpaulins bedding when you clean carpet or do waste of spray canvas, or grains of sand on the ground under the action of pressure will leave a deep imprint on on tarpaulins, serious and even penetrate.
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