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Teirenhua expands production of optical films

by:LINYANG     2020-01-28

PVC plastic network news according to reporters, Japan's Teijin announced recently that it will expand the production capacity of advanced optical films in its Matsuyama plant in Japan, and the new production capacity will be put into production in August. After expansion, its plastic film will produce an annual energy of 1 million square meters, including polycarbonate and acrylic film. It is reported that the emperor is a production of'Unprecedented'Optical film with smooth surface.

an optical film is a layer or multi-layer film plated on the surface of an optical part to change the optical properties of the optical part. It can be a metal film, a dielectric film or a combination of these two types of films. Optical films are divided into reflective films, antireflection films, filter films, optical protective films, polarization films, spectroscopic films and phase films according to their applications. The first four are commonly used. Optical Reflective films are used to increase specular reflectivity and are commonly used to manufacture reflective, refractive and resonant cavity devices. The optical antireflection film is deposited on the surface of the optical element to reduce surface reflection and increase transmission of the optical system, also known as antireflection film. Optical filter films are used for spectral or other optical segmentation, with many types and complex structures.

It is reported that the optical film produced by Teijin mainly includes the conductive film of the TouchPad and the film used for automobile panels. The latter reduces the need for painting or electroplating, the purpose of losing weight or reducing environmental impact can be achieved. In the future, the optical film will be produced in large quantities.

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