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Technological innovation has greatly increased the added value of Tianan new materials products

by:LINYANG     2020-01-16


'There are risks in engaging in technological innovation, and it is even more risky. 'This is Guangdong Tianan New Materials Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as'TianAn New Material')The personal experience of chairman Wu Qichao. Three years ago, Wu Qichao led the companies that used to produce traditional plastics to begin transformation. Today, the products of Tianan new materials have entered many cars such as Nissan Teana, and may be under your seat. Relying on scientific and technological innovation, the added value of the company's products has increased by 2-3 times. According to Wu Qichao's plan, enterprises will launch an impact on the capital market next year.

4% of the annual sales will be used for scientific research

Tianan New Materials Co. , Ltd. was first located in zhangcha. In 2000, when Wu Qichao was founded, there were only about 100 employees. At that time, traditional pvc Films, toy films, raincoat films, etc. were produced. Despite the low technical content of these products, the company's life is not bad during the rapid expansion of the market.

on 2008, the financial crisis hit. The plastics industry has also begun to feel the chill, with some corporate orders falling and profits falling. Soon, the National 4 trillion economic stimulus plan was introduced, the plastic industry began to pick up, and some companies expanded their production.

In the face of the booming market, Wu Qichao has something to worry about: once the government's economic stimulus plan ends and the market enters a recession, where should the company go? After some deliberation, Wu Qichao decided to lead Tianan new materials to begin transformation. Wu Qichao's transformation idea is to change the low added value of the past products through scientific and technological research and development. For this he every year will Sales of 4% about 20 million with in science and technology R & D and own personally science and technology R & D.

due to the large amount of funds invested in scientific and technological innovation, TianAn new materials in 2010- In the three years of 2012, the scale of the enterprise has hardly increased significantly. However, Wu Qichao always feels that it is worthwhile to take this risk.

The gross profit of car interior is increased by 2- After 3 Times

, Wu Qichao aimed at the interior of the car. This direction is similar to the original production and industry of the enterprise, but the barriers to entry are relatively high. However, Wu Qichao is not afraid. He believes that if the enterprise does not innovate, it is waiting to die, and finally embarks on the road of innovation.

from 2010 to 2012, the product technology of Tianan new material has gradually matured in the past three years. Through three years of squatting, by the beginning of this year, TianAn new materials began to harvest the fruits of technological innovation. In March 28 this year, Nissan Teana, which installed door panels produced by Tianan new materials, went on the market. Relying on foreign-funded products of lower quality 10%- With the advantage of 20% cost performance, dozens of automobile brands such as Jianghuai and Chery have also found Tianan new materials, and Tianan products have become their suppliers.

as a result of technological innovation, the added value of products has increased significantly. According to Wu Qichao, the profit of plastic for one square meter of traditional products is only 8- 9 yuan, now do car interior, the profit of one square meter can reach 20-30 yuan. In the past, TianAn's gross profit margin was only 15%, but now its gross profit margin is 30%-50%.

Wu Qichao said that although sales have only increased by 15% this year, net profit has increased by 30%. As it becomes a supplier of more car brands, the growth of Tianan new materials will accelerate next year. 'Estimated net profit will be 40%-50% growth. '

What makes Wu Qichao proud most is that the products of Tianan new materials will enter 8 Japanese cars and 2 legal cars next year, covering several major Japanese brands. With the entry of FAW-Volkswagen into Foshan, Wu Qi has been looking forward to entering the industrial chain of FAW-Volkswagen and becoming their supplier. He believes that their products have such strength.

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