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Technical requirements for plastic tarpaulins

by:LINYANG     2023-02-02
The performance of plastic tarpaulins in terms of waterproof and rainproof is very good, and what are the technical requirements during production? In terms of material, woven plain plaid is generally used, and there is a reinforcing wire every 50mm in the warp direction. When plastic coating, the general plastic coating raw material is polyvinyl chloride, the base fabric coating should be uniform, there should be no leakage, agglomeration, holes, degumming, wrinkling and damage, etc., and the front side is a thin coating On one side, the reverse side of the tarpaulin is the side with the thicker coating. In terms of geometric features, there are 26 eye loops, 7 waist ropes, 4 corner ropes, 4 end ropes, 2 pressing ropes, 7 reinforcing ribs, and 3 rope cloths are evenly distributed on each reinforcing rib. The tarpaulin is surrounded by a wrapping rope, and the front ends of the tarpaulin are provided with cord fabrics. After each use of the plastic tarpaulin, we must properly clean the swag on it, and for the local environment where it is stored, we can choose a cooler indoor place.
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