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Technical Effect of photosensitive polymer

by:LINYANG     2019-12-25

photosensitive polymer technology is to change some properties of polymer materials by utilizing the photosensitivity of polymers, thus meeting the manufacturing process requirements of different adhesive products,

contains the following specific technologies:

adhesive control technology based on photopolymer

In semiconductor wafers (Wafer) When grinding and cutting the back, it needs to be fixed with high-viscosity adhesive tape, and after processing, it needs to be convenient to tear off the adhesive tape. Since the performance of the photopolymer will change under ultraviolet irradiation, we have designed an adhesive through in-depth research, which can obviously reduce the viscosity through ultraviolet irradiation, this kind of adhesive has been used in the adhesive tape to protect and fix the semiconductor wafer, effectively improving the production efficiency of the semiconductor. Pattern forming material design technology although polyimide resin is outstanding in its heat resistance, chemical stability, electrical insulation and mechanical strength, its processing-related properties are slightly insufficient, such as pattern forming. In an effort to achieve photosensitive polyimide resin that can produce accurate patterns, we have designed and synthesized a special photosensitizer that can change the solubility of the developing solution when exposed to light. This product is used to manufacture thin film metal circuits, such as photosensitive polyimide resin used to form optical waveguides. UV polymerization solvent-free tape manufacturing technology we use UV polymerization to manufacture environmentally friendly tape without using any organic solvent. The traditional adhesive tape is made by coating the adhesive coating already dissolved in organic solvent on the substrate and drying it. This method has VOC emission and affects the environmental load. A uv polymeric tape manufacturing method comprises coating a substrate with a liquid raw material that will form an adhesive and expose it to UV light to synthesize the adhesive. The method does not involve the use of organic solvents and requires less heat for drying.

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