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Tarpaulins: drink for years, exactly 2 yuan, what is the difference between $5 and $10 mineral water? _ industry dynamic

by:LINYANG     2020-03-24
The hot weather in summer, you need a tent shade more drinking water at the same time. So, everyone will have to buy a mineral water, a lot of people will see that some only sell 1 yuan a bottle of water, but some will 3 - 5 dollars, and even some bottle should dozens of yuan, so what are the differences between them? In fact, the water should be called the 'bottled water' strictly, probably can be divided into pure water, mineral water, mineral water and so on three, the price is different also. 1. Pure water ( General price 1 - 3 yuan) Pure water is not pure water containing substances and magazines, such as distilled water. This kind of commonly used water tap water by distillation, electrodialysis method, ion exchange method and processing method of the minerals, organic ingredients, harmful substances in the water and microorganism processing made of water. This kind of pure water without any mineral, water use more water, our daily life is the cheapest price, generally the market price on the 1 - 3 yuan between. 2. Mineral water, General for 3 - 5 yuan) Mineral water is based on pure water to add a small amount of mineralization elements, such as magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride and other food additives, adjust the taste. Mineral water is also a city tap water as raw water, generally by pure processing, add minerals, sterilization after filling. The price is relatively cheap, there are some a little expensive than pure water, general price in the 3 - 5 yuan. 3. Mineral water, More than ten yuan to dozens of) Mineral water streaming in from the depths of the natural or artificial revealed, unpolluted underground mineral water, containing a certain amount of mineral salts and trace elements or carbon dioxide gas, under normal circumstances, the chemical composition, flow rate, water temperature and other dynamic within the natural range of relatively stable. Mineral water is formed in the formation of deep cycle, contains minerals and qualified index of national standard. So these natural mineral water is the most expensive. Mineral water shall generally be heat to heat cold drinks or slightly advisable, it is best not to boil. Because of the large mineral water containing calcium, magnesium, has certain hardness. And calcium and magnesium are easy exhalation when boiling, namely we often say that scale, this loss of both calcium and magnesium, also caused the sensual discomfort, so is the best method of drinking mineral water of room temperature directly drinkable. So, to sum up, obvious raw water is water pure water and mineral water, flowing, low cost, simple production technology, production is bigger, so the price is relatively cheap. For natural mineral water, to find high quality water source or the spring is a very difficult thing, domestic water source or spring there are a lot of large and small, and can satisfy a series of natural mineral water condition of the water is less, and the high quality spring water or much less, so the price is relatively expensive a big part of the reason is scarcity. Other relative to the pure water to more advanced production technology, the cost is relatively high, is also the reason of price is a little more expensive. The above three kinds of water which is suitable for long-term drinking? See here, a lot of people who have certain conditions will think natural things good, also can supplement nutrition elements and so on. Expert introduction, in fact, just for the sake of filling water drinking water, not to supplement nutrition, don't count on the trace elements in the water to supplement the nutrition. In our diet had a lower intake of trace elements have been more than a diu diu obtained from the water. So, really there is no need to pursue expensive mineral water. Of course, people have doubt, that always drink pure water will not lead to loss of nutrition? Actually does not. Again, water is added moisture to use, does not fill to the other ways, too. Drinking pure water will not give your body the nutrients, drink mineral water nor how many trace elements supplement. So, after all, water is the most important is just two things: it is safe, is enough. Want to how to drink how to drink! Tarpaulin tent factory tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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