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Tarpaulin user instructions of tarpaulin dynamic _ industry effectively

by:LINYANG     2020-03-26
Tarpaulins user instructions of tarpaulin effective maintenance of large truck drivers or venue, all using tarpaulin friend, all need to know about the tent for the director of the need for maintenance, service life by maintaining tarpaulins, ensure the normal use of tarpaulins, can use for a long time, if you don't manage tarpaulins, use fixed number of year is limited. We have the right tent use rules to communicate with you about. 1, to seriously study the instructions on the use of the tent, of tarpaulin for installation, the installation process should pay attention to the analysis of your installation details, such as whether tarpaulins buckle is good, location is appropriate, and so on. 2, to pay attention to in the process of use, if there is a sharp instrument or a pointed object, must put it ready, don't let it would tent cut so as not to affect the use effect of the final, there is not even careful will tarpaulins is scratched, it doesn't matter, in a timely manner to do a good job of repairing the tarpaulin, patches and so on, for example, make the use of tarpaulins to maximum effect. 3, tent when not in use, for good, complete all parts should be collected, don't miss anything, lest will lack of parts, next time you're using cover items not good. 4, to the analysis on the handling of note, light with light, and to keep in a safe place, do not put in too high temperature, and it is strictly prohibited to fireworks. In order to avoid fire to the tarpaulin or tarpaulins items below cause unnecessary losses. 5, want to do a good job of cleaning tarpaulins, after use, if there was a time not to use need furled, must be for a simple clean up the tent. In case of objects within the tarpaulins decay, corrosion tarpaulin. 6, tarpaulins to stock for a long time often air is basked in, in order to avoid tarpaulin on bacterium, cause certain influence to the service life of the tarpaulin. We liqun tent is large tarpaulin factory in China, a perennial spot supply 3 m * 4 m, 4 m * 6 m, 6 m * 8 m, 8 m * 10 m, 10 m * 12 m specifications such as blue and white, LanJie, double white, green, blue, silver and other finished products tarpaulins and all kinds of tarpaulins. We produce tarpaulins have been exported more than 40 countries and regions of the world, is well received by the users all over the world. Tent, tent factory, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/phone WeChat 13754728822 manager zhao
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