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Tarpaulin remember to wash after using the whole store _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-27
After a lot of people are using the tarpaulins are casually aside, such not only affect the effect of using next time, also can reduce the service life of tarpaulins, so after using tarpaulins, clean and tidy and we want to hold good, convenient to use next time. Cleaning up the purpose is to prevent tarpaulins mildewy, guarantee the use effect. 1, first of all, users in the use of tarpaulins, don't wear shoes directly trample, that could damage the tarpaulin fabric strength. 2, when use new tarpaulin in its waterproof stitches stitches on another layer adhesive glue. Tarpaulin from factory to use, may be too for a long time, to consolidate the waterproof measures. 3, when using tarpaulins, keep dry. After completion of use, tarpaulins hung up to dry. Found smudges, tarpaulins to gently scrub with water, cannot use chemical add detergent, also do not force scrub, prevent damage fabric surface waterproof membrane, affect the waterproof tarpaulin. 4, set up to make tarpaulin fixed on the ground, will prevent the brick, top pressure unstable, collapsed. Tarpaulins to bear when using all kinds of tension, such as fixed by tension taut, in use process should be the role of the wind, rain, and other additional force. In spite of these forces, still require them to keep original shape, not easy deformation, which requires the tarpaulins have higher tensile strength, and should not have too much fabric to poor tensile strength for the purpose is to prolong the service life of tarpaulins, cost savings. 1, will clean tarpaulin in accordance with the rules of the shape of fold, folded in half of the commonly used packaging method. 2, tarpaulins, packaging, in order to does not occur when stored in scattered, can use the rope tied, but don't too hard, pay attention to the prevention and control of bad retraction waterproof layer. 3, store environment is clean and ventilated, don't put in damp environment, so as to avoid mildew. Above is linyi liqun tarpaulin factory summary for you, the hope can help you, more tarpaulin knowledge please pay attention to our website: tarpaulin factory at http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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