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Tarpaulin receiving handover note _ industry dynamics

by:LINYANG     2020-03-26
Tent has applied in many industries, the rainy season will come, waterproof tarpaulins manufacturers, an increase in orders and the order is large, more manufacturers in tent need to pay more attention in the process of transition, waterproof tarpaulins to ensure the correct and smooth transition. 1, see have different shape, the consignee shall, in conjunction with the private sidings clerk unloading together, stop cutting cut, when unloading damage of tarpaulins and rope, if discover tarpaulins formed by the consignee responsibility to lose, damage, lack of waist, rope, etc. , shall be dealt with in accordance with the railway tarpaulins damage lost disposal methods. 2, using the tent before, should make to check the quality. Using railway tarpaulins, will tarpaulins goods waybill number fill in 'railway truck tarpaulin number' column; Goods should be in the waybill when using self-provided tarpaulins to insweep 'railway truck tarpaulin number' column 'x' symbol, and view the shipper is not in the goods waybill 'shippers particulars' column indicate the self-provided tarpaulins x zhang and number. 3, arrive, rail unloading tarpaulins echo: after unloading, the consignee by private sidings clerk fills in the 'truck tarpaulin receipt within two days of organizing (tent by the rules The cleaning up, fold) Tarpaulin rooms to the station, the consignee fails to date sending tarpaulins, according to rule should be according to the rules of acceptance check tarpaulins delay the use fee calculated on a day less than a day. Tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/manufacturers must strictly regulate the transfer behavior of transfer of personnel, may not appear irregularities, otherwise will be very easy to bring manufacturers extra trouble and a huge loss.
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