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Tarpaulin mold processing method _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-28
Tarpaulin factory today to share a way to deal with tarpaulin moldy, not only to mildew, good effect, also can maintain tarpaulins, prolong the service life of it. Tarpaulin mold mainly improper use of the environment for a long time, or storing way is not reasonable, such as wet warm place, not only cause tarpaulins mildewy, and discoloration of trouble. Tarpaulins mold processing method: first, as mentioned earlier, the reasons for mold mold is mainly stored warm and humid environment or the use of the environment caused by mold will reproduce in this environment, fungi can through the curtains cloth, in cloth and coating, and then destroy the fabric, resulting in discoloration, etc. Second, clean up the mold processing tarpaulin mold in two steps: cleaning tarpaulins and processing mould point 1, the tarpaulins to avoid mildew growth, let the tent curtains will re-open, should choose the warm soapy water and sponge to scrub clean it. Let sponge with hot water and a specific solution, the curtains and let the solution stays on the cloth, dry can. 2, in addition to mildew points with a cup of salt, a strong cup of lemon juice and a gallon of water are mixed together, rub solution gradually to the visible mildew, will find a clean effect after drying. Overall, we in the use of tarpaulins generally do not pay attention to the use of the environment, use after away casually put, it is convenient, but can affect the service life and effect of tarpaulins, therefore in the daily use and storage, to pay more attention to.
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