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Tarpaulin material dynamic _ the kinds of industry

by:LINYANG     2020-03-26
Now society in constant development, all kinds of products is also more and more, the kinds of tarpaulins is no exception, species is also increased a lot. You've probably seen a lot in life tent, then do you know about the classification, asked I'm afraid it is very few people know this problem, this is why, because everyone does not love to study. In order to broaden your horizons, here give you explain how the classification points. One, the first is tarpaulin tarpaulin altogether is divided into two kinds, one kind is coarse awning, the other one is awning. Rough waterproof cloth, there is also another name is waterproof fabric, its characteristic is durable and folding materials and good waterproof performance. Mainly used in automobile transportation, and field tent. Fine awning is suitable for the production of labor insurance clothing. It can also be used for shoes after dyeing, travel bags, backpacks, and other fabrics. There are a lot of tarpaulin. This is the classification of tarpaulins, after continuous development, of course, there will be more kinds of tarpaulins, variety we need to know, when we need, can timely know and understand, provides the convenience for yourself.
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