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Tarpaulin manufacturers talk about tarpaulin service life-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-01
Tarpaulin manufacturers say tarpaulin service life tarpaulin will often be used in our daily life. Tarpaulin factory is a professional manufacturer and seller of rain-proof tarpaulin. The quality of our products is guaranteed and the price is low. Recently, a friend left a message asking about the service life of tarpaulin, today we will discuss this issue. 1. Tarpaulin we generally choose double-layer PVC knife scraping tarpaulin, this material has a high fire rating and can effectively prevent fire, so such tarpaulin usually appears in exhibitions, wedding and other activities. The service life of the cloth buckle is initially set at three years. If the tarpaulin product is used for three years or less but the repair area is up to two hundred or the repair area is up to, the tarpaulin must be scrapped and cannot be used again. 2. The repair of tarpaulin Buckles must establish and improve management systems such as quality assurance, safety production, statistical analysis, maintenance quality review and acceptance, so as to ensure the maintenance quality of railway tarpaulin and standardize the use of tarpaulin. 3. Tarpaulin with a complete and comprehensive qualification certificate can have a service life of about 4 years even if it occasionally goes through bad weather. Even if the tarpaulin is discolored due to long-term use, it can continue to be used only by removing it for simple cleaning. 4. The repair of the railway tarpaulin should be affixed with the 'tarpaulin maintenance certificate', and on this basis, the number and number should be handed over to the station. If the station finds that there is a problem with the quality, it is strictly prohibited to use it on the road and report it to the company and the railway bureau in time, and the company will hold it accountable. 5. Tarpaulin is generally waterproof, windproof, snow-proof, UV-proof and other functions. In order to make tarpaulin have such characteristics, tarpaulin fully considers these problems at the beginning of design. The tarpaulin used to make tents has strict requirements on weight, sufficient thickness and weight to ensure the firmness and flexibility of the tarpaulin and will not be easily damaged by external forces, it also takes into account the ease of operation during installation. Extend the service life of tarpaulin.
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