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Tarpaulin manufacturers talk about folding-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-01
Tarpaulin manufacturers say folding in our lives, we can often see a variety of tarpaulin, PE polyethylene tarpaulin, PVC tarpaulin, waterproof rain-proof cloth, these tarpaulin are closely related to us, but do you know how to fold them? Let's let the Columbus factory introduce the method to everyone. A) The front of the tarpaulin is spread horizontally, leaving two side ropes, and the sides of the length direction are folded to the longitudinal center line of the tarpaulin. B) Divide the folded sides into three equal parts and fold them twice toward the center line. C) Fold the two sides of the cloth width direction to the horizontal center line of the cloth, and then fold them three times in the middle and then be practical. The folded overall dimension is about 1000 × 600 × 300. D) Bundle with reserved ropes, Cross on both sides, tighten and tie tightly, plug the rope head properly, do not loosen and the rope buckle falls off, and do not drag. E) After folding, the path emblem and the tarpaulin number on the tarpaulin should be completely and clearly revealed. Want to know more about it? Welcome to consult and understand. We look forward to your visit. The company adheres to the business philosophy of 'honesty, mutual assistance and win-win', adheres to people-oriented management, and strives for survival by quality.
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