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Tarpaulin manufacturers introduce factors affecting the coloring of automobile tarpaulin-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-01
The tarpaulin manufacturer introduced the factors affecting the coloring of the tarpaulin. The tarpaulin manufacturer said that the tarpaulin is a kind of product of the car, which can prevent the paint film on the surface of the car from being damaged, and the car tarpaulin can also temporarily enjoy the cool, it is loved by many consumers. The coloring of automobile tarpaulin is a particularly important link. Many details need to be paid attention to during the processing, otherwise it will lead to poor coloring of tarpaulin, so what do we need to pay attention to when coloring the car tarpaulin? First of all, pay attention to controlling the coloring time during the coloring process. If the reaction time is not enough, it will easily lead to a blank place in the tarpaulin, which will affect the overall beauty of the tarpaulin, the concentration of color liquid should be controlled during the coloring process of automobile tarpaulin. If the concentration is not enough, the coloring time will increase. If the concentration is too small, the coloring of tarpaulin will not be deep and the coloring depth of tarpaulin will be affected, pay attention to the speed of putting and taking out the tarpaulin during the coloring process of the tarpaulin. Slowly put and take out the tarpaulin, otherwise it will affect the coloring quality of the tarpaulin. I hope some of the above can help everyone, in addition, friends who need tarpaulin are welcome to contact us.
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