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Tarpaulin maintenance

by:LINYANG     2020-04-03
Someone said don't maintain tarpaulins, but I don't think be in maintenance than to maintain the service life is long, used to collect the maintenance method for everyone. Maintenance methods: 1, gently clean force should be homogeneous. No hard hard brush, prevent short-term, or brush off shoe body painting and decoration parts. 2, tent tent put natural ventilation the shade to dry after cleaning, don't put the hot sun put sunlight or high temperature baking, local case back glue or come unglued, accelerated aging. 3, non-professional work rubber shoes do not touch, and acid and alkali, salt and other chemicals to prevent corrosion degumming to deformation. 4, about the colorful canvas, don't touch and carbon ink is difficult to clean items. After this kind of colour of clean clean canvas coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to even, then dry, can prevent discoloration. May find two clean white paper on it, torn off after drying. Also can prevent discoloration. 5, have rendered break, dropped, or loose decoration parts such as small problem should be timely repairs. In order to extend its using life. 6, avoid and sharp, sharp objects to touch, to prevent scratches. 7, other tent curtains should regularly clean to prevent mildew stunk. Don't use the washing machine. Someone think curtains bending, price is low, too lazy to wash. Ripe and decorate it is not the same, with washing machine is very simple drop fade.
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