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by:LINYANG     2020-03-28
Tarpaulin factory in line with strives for the survival by the quality, to the credibility of development, people-oriented, customer first business philosophy, to create excellent enterprises, to create high-quality brand, over the years has established good business relations with customers, in the industry, built up his own brand and reputation, production of 'ding' brand PE tarpaulin was warmly welcomed by the users all over the country and abroad. Products are of good quality, with new polyethylene as raw material, after UV ( Uv radiation) Processing, sun resistance, anti-aging performance is particularly prominent. Products are widely used, mainly for large trucks, freight yard, farm, build the arbor, also can be used as a patch of gardening and travel tent, coal mine using flame retardant tarpaulins, and products are mainly sold to the international market ( The domestic market) , welcome by customers. The company with excellent product quality, perfect service attitude, integrity of the enterprise purpose warmly welcome customers to visit our company and negotiate business! X3m material: polypropylene or polyethylene specifications: 2, 3 x4m, 3 x5m, 4 x5m and 4 x6m, 5 x8m x8m 6, 6 x10m, 2. 5 x3。 6米,3。 6 x5。 4 m, 5。 4 x7。 2米,7。 2x9m,10x50m。 According to customer requirements. 。 。 。 Density: 6 x7 to 16 x18 width: 1. 65 m to 12 m weight: 70 to 260 GSM Danny: 500 d? Length of 1500 d color: various colors available: there is no limit to the double sided waterproof, single flanged edges corner heat sealing; Ropes along the edge of the fixed role for recreational vehicles, trucks, ships, construction site, firewood, trailer, equipment, ground, emergency rescue, paintings, etc. Features:? Waterproof? Tear resistance? Product light and canvas, easy to carry? Different sizes and colors available? And storage during anti-aging longer shelf life, reduce the damage? Strong water resistance: to prevent contamination or damage, the rain or wet? The rope fixed and heat seal edge. Products are stronger, more stable? Also have the function of the uv radiation? Metal and eye on the edge of an interval of 1 m? Tarpaulin, http://www. linyangpvc。 The role of com/include; Camping, picnic, ships, outdoor activities, such as cover.
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