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Tarpaulin factory PE tarpaulin _ industry dynamic

by:LINYANG     2020-04-01
Tarpaulin, PE tarpaulin factory material: polyethylene PE specification: 2 x3m, 3 x4m, 3 x5m, 4 x5m and x6m 4, 5 x8m x8m 6, 6 x10m, 2. 5 x3。 6米,3。 6 x5。 4 m, 5。 4 x7。 2米,7。 2x9m,10x50m。 According to customer requirements. 。 。 。 Density: 6 x7 to 16 x18 width: 1. 65 m to 12 m weight: 70 to 260 GSM Danny: 500 d? Length of 1500 d color: various colors available: there is no limit to the double sided waterproof, single flanged edges corner heat sealing; Ropes along the edge of the fixed role for recreational vehicles, trucks, ships, construction site, firewood, trailer, equipment, ground, emergency rescue, paintings, etc. Features: waterproof and tear resistant product is light, easy to carry and convenient to receive different sizes and colors are available for anti-aging longer shelf life, reduce damage during storage and water resistance is strong, to prevent contamination or damage, the rain or the rope under the fixed damp and hot sealing edge. Product stronger, more stable also have the function of the uv metal eye buckle interval of 1 m a tent on the fringe of role include; Camping, picnic, ships, outdoor activities, such as cover. Above is the tarpaulin factory at http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/PE tarpaulin introduction, welcome new and old customers to come to inquiry order.
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