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Tarpaulin factory is how to identify the quality of the tent

by:LINYANG     2020-03-28
Tarpaulin factory tarpaulin factory to share with you today is how to identify quality tarpaulins. One is the price. Although this kind of product quality and price is not decisive, but in the product price, quality is often occupies certain proportion. In general, the same area, the price is relatively high, so the quality of the products is better. However, only the price as according to choose and buy, often can cause a certain number of disadvantages. So. While consider the price factor, tarpaulin factory and the practicability of the product as the main reference elements. The second is density. The quality of the tent generally influenced by what factors? The density of the product must be one of the important factors. Mode identification of the product is very simple, that is the latitude and longitude, view product closer, indicates that the quality of the product, the better. Second, tarpaulin factory will focus on product surface roughness. In the process of choosing, tarpaulin factory can feel with the hand the roughness of the product and softness. In the general case, tarpaulin factory can be according to the different feel, judge products making use of the material. 3 it is tested. Important feature is the waterproof tarpaulins, therefore tarpaulin factory can try on the product surface spray a small amount of water, if the water is not deep tarpaulins, so this kind of product quality is relatively good. That is to identify tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/key points for quality problems, to learn more tarpaulin products can focus on tarpaulin factory's official website, or contact us directly.
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