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Tarpaulin factory is about how to choose shading tent _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-28
Can analysis not only can waterproof and dustproof, shading, unbelieving and tarpaulins shading of the extended family tent. 1. Sunshade tent variety on the market, many consumers hard choices, especially beginners. Ordinary sunshade tent only provide shade effect, good sunshade tent also have waterproof effect. 2. Sunshade tent when the choose and buy must want a choose and buy has the uv, uv shading tent on the market there are many, many tradesmen are shoddy, expensive poor fool consumers, consumers in the purchase of shade must learn to discern some shading tent quality tarpaulins, sunshade tent fabric than the average, not pervious to light and the sun. 3. The color of the fabric has nothing to do with uv protection function. Under the precondition of equivalent, the deeper the color of the fabric anti-ultraviolet function better, by contrast, color, navy, dark green, shallow blue, light pink, light yellow and so on has good anti-uv function. 4, protective grade mark should be careful observation before purchase. Released by the state quality inspection administration for textile products 'uv protection function of assessing rules, as long as the UPF ( Ultraviolet protection factor value) More than 30, and UVA Uva rays) Transmittance is less than 5%, ability called uv protection, protection grade specification for 'UPF30 +'; When the UPF than 50 indicate the product excellent uv protection function, protection grade identified as' UPF50 + '. Consumer is when the choose and buy, protective grade identification should be checked carefully, and then on the basis of field insolation condition, choose suitable for my umbrella. Above is shading tent http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/matters needing attention, the hope can help you.
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