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Tarpaulin factory briefly the difference between the PE tarpaulin and PVC plastic tarpaulin _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-03-28
Many people don't know PE tarpaulins and PVC plastic tarpaulins, what is a difference between material up, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) must be different. The following is in essence the difference between. PE: chemical name for polyethylene, it is a semicrystalline thermoplastic material, manufacturing PE tarpaulin material. So what is the physical characteristics? As we know, PE is tasteless, non-toxic, wax feeling, have excellent low temperature resistance, good water imbibition, good electrical insulating properties, can be used for normal - 70 - - - - - - - 100 degrees Celsius, good chemical stability. Generally adopts HDPE (PE tarpaulin production High density polyethylene) , this kind of material with high temperature, hardness, mechanical strength and good chemical resistance. Polyethylene is Yu Zhongkong blow molding, injection molding and extrusion of various products ( Hard) , such as all kinds of containers, nets, packing belt, can be used as a cable coating, pipe, profiles, sheets, etc. PE tarpaulin material generally refers to the color of the cloth, cloth is in double coated PE film PE woven pp woven cloth is also useful, its production process is: circle - Weaving - Double face. This tent waterproof performance is poor, can't guarantee waterproof properties, defect is easy to wear, advantage is its light weight, clean and no pollution. Commonly used in temporary stock, to prevent rain and dust, not suitable for long-term use in the outdoor environment. PVC tarpaulin is waterproof coated polyester fabric is in high strength polyester canvas, with polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) Paste resin and growth agent, fungicide, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent and other chemical additives, plastic and high temperature. Waterproof, mouldproof, cold resistant, aging resistant, antistatic performance is good; Product break strength, elongation and tear strength is superior to traditional tent; Product appearance colorful, the product quality. Special treatment on the surface of the anti-slip function, is the international popular waterproof canvas, width is big, the finished product processing can reduce the seam quality, can use heat sealing seam, sewing pinhole leaks. According to user's requirements and can produce different functions, different color, different thickness of the product. Double PVC paste resin coating, because the dip process, forming a gap, so waterproof properties is good, the production technology of polyester cloth: long immersion coating drying stereotypes light pressure and coiling, now on the truck tarpaulin, rain products is PVC tarpaulin do yard, etc. PVC rain is good, good work, aging is obviously better than that of PP and PE and PVC tarpaulin tent, waterproof effect is one of the most significant cold sun, all the waterproof canvas, how for a long time outdoor products including rain, rain, rain wind farm, rolling canvas, motor transport, goods including the commodities, etc. Tent, tent factory, tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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