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Tarpaulin dynamic maintenance _ industry

by:LINYANG     2020-03-25
Tarpaulin factory is dedicated to the broad masses of old and new customers to disabuse, offer the most quality tarpaulins. The following tarpaulin factory to bring us how to repair tarpaulin. Tarpaulin maintenance is divided into hand and machine two tonic. More than one, hand fill with tarpaulins glue, or the breakage of the small scratches. Second, machine repair is mostly aimed at a wide range of maintenance, machine repair maintenance at six specific have the following request: 1. USES double sewing, lateral suture and patch cloth around 15 mm to 20 mm spacing shall be maintained, the spacing between two stitches to 10 mm. 2. Used on both sides of the straight double machine repair, close to the pressure line of two stitches spacing not less than 45 mm, the middle of the tent after sewing should be appropriate arch, is advantageous for the rope through the pressure, and check up the needle needle back should not be less than 50 mm. 3. Should be double sided coating waterproof glue machine repair eye of a needle. Plastic tarpaulin 4. Uniform stitches elastic, flat, needle code for 14 - 18 needle / 100 mm, and check up the needle not less than 3 back needle. 5. Repair after the middle of the lacing cloth should be proper arch, is advantageous for the waist line through. 6. Sewing place water test, do not allow the water seepage, spread and water, water that is tarpaulin factory at http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/bring you how to repair the tarpaulin.
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